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Vanadium (V)

Vanadium (an armor. Vanadium) is a chemical element of V group of periodic system of elements of D.I.Mendeleyev. Vanadium has atomic number 23, nuclear weight 50,9415. Pure vanadium is a malleable firm metal of silver-gray color. Vanadium density is of 6,11 g/cm3 that allows to drag it over to heavy metals. Fusion temperature of vanadium is 1920 °C.

Vanadium has been opened by the Swedish chemist Sefstrom in 1830.

Vanadium is an important element in alloys corrosion-proof steels.

Chemical vanadium structure

Chemical compound of Vanadium


Fe-0,06. Si-0,15. Ai-0,1. C-0,02. N-0,01. O-0,02. H-0,001

Vanadium is disseminated in earth crust, often accompanies iron (iron ores are an important industrial source of vanadium). Vanadium is an alloying component of constructional steels and the alloys applied in the aviation and space techniques, sea shipbuilding, a component of superconducting alloys.

Vanadium connections are used in the textile, paint and varnish, glass industry. Vanadium is applied to a steel and pig-iron alloying; as a component heat resisting, firm and  corrosion-resistant alloys; as a constructional material for nuclear reactors.

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