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Tantalum (Ta)


TANTALUM (That) is (Tantalum) metal of gray-steel color with a bluish shade, plastic. Density of tantalum is 16,6 g/sm3, fusing temperature of tantalum is 2997 њС, boiling temperature of tantalum is 5287 њС.
Scopes. Thanks to high thermal stability and plasticity Tantalum has found application as a high-temperature material for heat armature in powerful generating lamps, heaters of high-temperature vacuum furnaces, crucibles for metal fusion and heat exchangers on nuclear, power reactors. Tantalum add in heat resisting and corrosion-resistant steels and firm alloys. Tantalum is applied in vacuum devices, as an absorber of gases. There are stores of electric energy from tantalum. Tantalum is being used in surgery as the orthopedic material which is getting on with a living tissue.
Our enterprise has a possibility to offer products from Tantalum of non-standard sizes made by welding method: both unilateral, and bilateral.

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