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Aluminium alloys

Aluminum alloy is an alloy based on aluminum with all sorts of additives. This may be vanadium, zirconium, silicon, manganese, magnesium, copper, chromium, nickel, cobalt, iron, titanium and so on.
Groups, which are divided aluminum master alloys
1. Master alloys for grain refinement of aluminum alloy such AlTiB. Ligatures in this category ensure effective grain refinement of aluminum alloys by introducing a fine molten phases, which serve as centers of crystallization. Entering these alloys leads to the improvement of automatic settings and the reduction of gas porosity.
2. Ligatures to modify the aluminum casting alloy. In the field of cast aluminum AlSi, the main place was ligature AlSr, which is successful, "modifier" texture, changing the shape of the AlSi eutectic plate in the grain, thus making better mechanical quality casting.
3. Ligatures for changes (corrections) chemical composition of aluminum alloys. This multiple category contains various ligatures based podshihtovki aluminum for the production of alloys.
4. Ligatures to improve specific physical or mechanical parameters. Draw up a separate category for special use ligatures (improvement obvious physical or mechanical properties). For example, AlB master alloy is added to increase the electrical conductivity of aluminum for electrical purposes - this method is often referred to treatment with boron.
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