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About us


Joint-stock company "METOX" was set in 1998 in one of the largest industrial centers of Ural-Siberian region - in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Exclusively favourable geographical position of Yekaterinburg in the middle of two economic zones Europe and Asia, good transport message opens to industrial centers wide opportunities for mutually advantageous cooperation with joint-stock company "METOX".

Primary activities of the enterprise are manufacture and delivery of refractory metal products, such as molybdenum, tantalum, rhenium, vanadium, chrome, etc. The basic consumers of given production are the largest enterprises of almost all industries, such as: car - and aircraft engineering, fuel and energy complex and others. Thanks to professionalism of employees the company has proved as a reliable supplier for more than 250 clients. Production deliveries are made according to state standards and specifications of the enterprises of manufacturers, to all nomenclature of the company quality certificates are given.

In the basis of the strategy of the company is the establishment and balance, maintenance between the Russian and external sales. At the moment the company positions itself as along-term partner in the world market (Central America, North America, South East Asia, Near and Middle East, Europe). Now the company is in contractual relations with more than 100 potential suppliers of raw components for processing in finished goods.
A number of projects of the enterprise are directed to working out of our own deposits. Now joint-stock company "METOX" is engaged in various kinds of activities:
Melting of standard and special ferroalloys and ligatures, including from non-standard raw materials;
Working out new ligatures under exact orders;
Manufacturing of pure metals;
Working out new production technologies of alloys;
Manufacturing of nanopowders;
Manufacturing of oxides;
Production of carbides.

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