Joint-stock company «Metox»
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Sale of Molybdenum and Molybdenum production

Sale of Vanadium and Vanadium alloys

Sale  of Rhenium

Sale of Niobium 

Sale of tungsten crucibles 

Sale of tungsten rod

Sale of tungsten electrodes

Sale of Tantalum

Sale of Iron oxide

Sale of pigments

Sale of Carbides 

Manufacture and sale of ferroalloys

Manufacture and sale of aluminium alloys

Manufacture and sale of magnesium alloys

Sale of ferrozirconium 

Sale of ferrotunsten

Address to the sales department of our Company on all questions.

We are ready to conclude the contract of the commission with those who will promote the contract conclusion.


Production of spherical
metal powders and granules:
production of amorphous nano powders.
zirconium, niobium, titanium,
tantalum, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, and their alloys.



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